February 1, 2023

Beautiful Garden Inside Your Home

Indoor House Plants

indoor plants
It is not so simple to make a garden these days when people live in flats and multi-story apartments. But if you have an interest in anything and have a strong will to do what you like, it is possible to use our terrace or sit out to make a garden. These gardens can not only make our home beautiful but can also play a vital role in purifying the air inside our home. It will be much better for our health and our mind if we could use homemade vegetables.

It is our choice to make the decision whether we are going to make vegetables or flowers in our garden. The number of plants can be decided according to the total area of the place that we decide to use for our garden. It will be not good if we place a lot of pots in a small sit-out. In this case, we can hang four or five pots from our roof, and this will also add beauty to our sit-out.

Top 10 Indoor Plants

  1. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary
  2. Braided Ficus Tree
  3. Cactus Combo Bonsai
  4. Chamaedorea Palm
  5. Chinese Evergreen
  6. Miniature Herb Standard Topiaries
  7. Moth Orchid, Novelty Stripes
  8. Ponytail Palm
  9. Tropical Combo Bonsai
  10.  Amaryllis, ‘Yellow Goddess’

How to Grow Indoor Plants

grow indoor plants
We can use any kind of container for growing plants. Using dumped plastic and ceramic containers can cut costs a lot. We just have to put some holes in the bottom so that excess water can flow out through them.

The next step is to get good fertile soil. Here we will have to get help from our friends or relatives who have land. It is very important to get fertile and good soil for planting our garden.

We can start the arrangements by mixing sand soil and compost in an equal ratio. After that, we have to fill the container with this. We have to fill the container a little loose (Do not press or fill tight).

We have to be careful when we fill the sand in the containers. Remember that air circulation and dampness are very essential for the healthy growth of roots. Germination of seeds is the next step. We can use a single container to germinate all the plants and seeds and then transplant them into different pots or containers. We can grow potatoes, chilly, or ladies fingers on our terrace through this method. If we are up to flower gardening, we can grow bougainvillea, rose, or Lillie like this. But it will be good if we have a much larger terrace for them.

If we are planning a garden inside our home, then decorator leaf plants will be fine. We can grow palms like Areca or Caryota if we have a place with a little sunlight. Put them outdoors for a week in a gap of two or three weeks and they will be fine. We can also have begonia, cordyline, ferns, fichus, etc inside our home.

It is now very often that people who have big outdoor gardens even decorate their indoors with pretty plants. We can arrange the pots and plants according to the size of our rooms in our flats. Do not worry about your front yard; it is now possible to get the beauty of a garden inside your home.

Choose your Indoor Plant

Bonsais in your indoors

indoor bonsai
The tree dwarfs in flowerpots are taking their places in our houses. When dwarf human beings make us feel sad and disturbed, these tree dwarfs make us happy with their presence. But bringing up a bonsai is not that much easy. Patience and years of care are the only way to succeed in this. But these days it is also possible to buy bonsais from a shop. Even if the cost is a little bit high, people are ready to bring the greenery and freshness of bonsais inside their homes.

When the huge concrete architecture beauties around us get a little boring, and when it had become not so easy to get a little bit of greenery for your eyes, the new generation is finding a way out from this by growing nature inside their bedrooms and living rooms. The old generation is blaming the new generation for bringing the greenery of nature inside their home as they did for celebrations and flowers. Let’s hope that till the naturalists start protesting against the bonsai culture, we could have mangoes, oranges, and lime inside our homes.

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