February 1, 2023

Charming Outdoor Garden Fountains

outdoor garden fountain
Add a Water Feature

There are many different ways to add water features to your existing garden layout, and if you don’t have a lot of space it’s important that you not let this discourage you. One of the best ways that you can add a water feature is to add an outdoor garden fountain.
These are typically very decorative and they can fit into it any part of the garden, whether it’s a large space or a small space. For example, you can add an outdoor garden fountain onto a patio, in a corner of the decking area, or even into the main area.

big garden fountain
Outdoor Water Fountain Layouts

There are many different designs – and certainly a lot of different sizes so it really doesn’t matter how large your space is. The beauty of outdoor garden fountains is that they are very simple to install, and are usually completely mobile. So unlike a pond, you could move your fountain to a new area if you desire. The same thing holds true if you already have a water feature within your garden; the outdoor water fountain can easily be moved into a new layout.

No Plumbing is Required!

For small gardens, you can simply install a small outdoor garden fountain anyplace, as they don’t require any plumbing or tricky installation. The design of the fountain will usually enable the pump to be out of view, typically they are in the base.

Often you’ll find a pump that is solar-powered, and this has many advantages – and of course, it will reduce the need for any additional cabling that would have to be run. Other than the pump, there are no other parts that require power, so you can just add water to the fountain, switch on the pump and you have an outdoor garden fountain!

Low Maintenance

Outdoor garden fountains are extremely easy maintenance and they don’t require much effort to keep them running. The only real job that you have is checking the water level, and making sure that there is always enough water to move around in the fountain. Other than that, you’re free to sit back and enjoy the soothing sounds of your water fountain.

small garden fountain
Easy Atmosphere

Outdoor garden fountains are completely self-contained and very easy to maintain, and they can pretty much be left to run without any interference or work from you. If you live in a warmer climate, of course, you’ll be able to enjoy your fountain year-round. You can choose fountains that look like birdbaths, all the way up to Gothic or regal-style fountains.

Decisions, Decisions…

You might be thinking that an outdoor garden fountain is too much trouble, and won’t be completely suitable for your garden, but I bet you would be wrong. There’s really no work required when you install a fountain; the biggest job you’ll have is deciding where you would like to place your fountain.

It might be that the fountain you choose will have a d├ęcor kit included, or you might need to add some additional plants, maybe a few rocks, and whatever landscaping you would desire around your outdoor garden fountain.

garden fountain with statue
Inexpensive Ambience

If you’re thinking about redesigning your garden and you’ve been looking for an inexpensive solution to add a water feature to your garden, an outdoor garden fountain really does make a lot of sense. There are so many reasons to include a fountain, and they will always ensure that your garden has a calming and soothing influence, as well as a stunning decorative water feature.

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