February 1, 2023

Flower Bed Designs

How to Design a Flower Bed

Flower Bed Designs
Designing and creating a flower bed is a fantastic hobby to have and will add another dimension of color and wildlife to your garden; it is also a great way to keep you busy and outdoors. When you are ready to design your flower bed have a look below for my guide and tips for creating the flower bed of your dreams.

In designing your flower bed the first step is to observe your garden and pick the absolute best spot to plant your flowers because once they’re in the ground it is very difficult to move them. You need to observe all areas of your garden to determine which parts have more sunlight, which locations have water runoff, or even if there are areas where nothing grows due to the soil. Take note of all areas of your garden to determine the best place to start your flower bed because if you start in the wrong area it may have disastrous consequences for you later after all the work and effort you’ve put in.

Now that you have observed your garden and determined which area you want to start your flower bed it is time to determine the type of flower bed you want. There are many choices here and it all has to do with personal preference. Do you want a flower bed that flourishes in the summer? Or the winter? Or all year round? Or do you want a flower bed that attracts wildlife such as butterflies and lady beetles? If this is your first flower bed do you want perennials or annuals?

The next step is to measure the dimensions of the location of your proposed flower bed. You should now choose the shape of your flower bed, sometimes a unique shape will add another colorful dimension to your garden. Take out your tape measure and record the length, width, and height of the area as this will all be crucial when you sketch your flower bed and decide on what flowers to plant.

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We are now going to research different types of flowers that will work with your garden. Make sure you research and choose flowers that will fit within the dimensions of your flower bed and that will actually flourish and grow. If you are looking for a more wildlife-centered flower bed you can plant any combination of butterfly weeds, rosemary, day-lilies, goldenrod, hibiscus, lavender, and lilacs to entice and enrich your garden with lady beetles and butterflies.

If instead, you are designing a flower bed that is centered in the summertime you will not want to pick flowers that flourish in winter. You can also choose whether you want your flowers to display a pattern of colors that can add an aesthetic appeal to your new flower bed. There is a lot of common sense in this little section but there is also a lot of research involved.

Now is the time of sketching and designing your proposed flower bed. This may be time-consuming but it is a necessary step, there are two ways of accomplishing this. 1. You can draw it out by hand; this may be preferred by those artistic people in the group or 2. You can use a free virtual garden designer. I usually use BBC.com’s Virtual Garden as it lets you design your own flower bed online either using your very own dimensions or a prepared template. It is simple to use and can save you an enormous amount of time, you can choose from a variety of flowers, plants, or shrubs and can even add decorative fences.

Once you have got your design of the flower bed of your dreams you can take it to a florist and ask for any more ideas or tips as they would be very knowledgeable about the flowers that thrive in your area and get their help on picking the perfect flowers to suit your budget.

Now that you have got your plants take them out to your flower bed and get ready to get your hands dirty. Continuously refer to your sketch and make sure you plant your flowers in an organized pattern.

You have finally designed and created your very own flower bed to lighten up your yard. Different flowers will need different amounts of water but it shouldn’t make a big difference. Just remember to water your plants and provide them with various nutrients so they can grow bright and flourish. On hot days you should water them during the morning and evening and ask your local flower shop about different fertilizers you can use.

Thanks for reading my guide on how to design a flower bed and please leave any comments for me to answer.

How to Design a Flower Bed

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