February 1, 2023

Garden Furniture Sets Guide

garden furniture
You may know by now that I really enjoy gardening. I have found that gardening is a great way to both relax and stay active. One of the things I enjoyed most while putting together my garden was choosing from the garden furniture sets on the market. I picked one that went with the gargoyle garden statues that I really like & now I sit on my garden furniture and read a book with a glass of iced tea or a beer. There is really nothing better (except maybe spending time with my husband and kids).

Here are some tips and tricks for picking from the great garden furniture sets on the market and deciding which is the best one for your garden.

Wicker Garden Furniture Is Perfect For A Casual Look

wicker garden furniture
This picture is the perfect example of using garden furniture sets that match their surroundings to create a real impact when designing your garden. Wicker garden furniture is a great match for an informal garden style.

To create this look you can use wicker made out of rattan (the traditional material) or wicker that is made from resin. Resin is more durable but doesn’t have the same natural look, although today’s products are getting really close.

To achieve a look like this pair trailing and native perennials with old-fashioned wicker furniture. You can use a rocker like what is pictured here, or a small bistro set with a little table and two chairs.

Teak Garden Furniture Sets Are Durable and Elegant

teak garden furniture
If you love the look of wood in garden furniture sets but are concerned about wear and tear, teak is a very good option for you.

Good teak sets are one of the most expensive items in garden furniture (if you are buying quality) and if you want a set that will last you want to make sure that you are buying quality teak products. All teak garden furniture should be made of grade-A teak. This comes from the core of the tree and is the only type of teak really worth buying for outdoor furniture.

Teak is best used in a garden that is elegant, but not stuffy. It is natural with Asian-inspired garden themes and looks great with pergola wood garden arches. It is also great with what I call a casually elegant look which you can see in the picture above.

Rustic Garden Furniture Creates A Shabby Chic Look

Shabby Chic is a style trend that is not going away any time soon. You will see distressed furniture selling for thousands of dollars in stores, but to get a truly rustic look with garden furniture sets a better bet is to hit flea markets and garage sales and assemble your rustic garden furniture yourself.

Personally, if I was creating a rustic look in my garden, I would look for found items that I could use in unique ways. A couple of kitchen chairs that are distressed and coated with polyurethane can create seating, and using a stack of crates works great for a table. This look is only limited by your imagination.

Formal Gardens Look Great With Cast Iron Furniture

cast iron garden furniture
If you have a formal garden style that uses topiaries and paths then you want to pick a cast iron garden furniture set. There is nothing more formal or ornate.

Cast iron should always be painted (and be kept painted) or else it will rust. You can also get resin look-alikes, but they are not as nice looking as real cast iron.

You can get cast iron garden furniture in any type of set from bistro sets to benches. Many formal gardens create seating areas in multiple spaces, so plan your furniture appropriately.

Whatever you choose from all the garden furniture sets on the market, be sure that you love it, because if you love it, it will give you joy for many years to come.

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