February 1, 2023

Improve Your Garden with Statue

outdoor garden statue

Statue garden centerpiece

A garden statue is a centerpiece of the garden and plays an important part in the garden’s appearance. Garden statues might represent a person or an animal and it is usually full size but occasionally it might be only three-quarter-length. It is generally agreed that a statue can be defined as a weighty sculpture that cannot be easily lifted up.

Many statues are intended to be exhibited outdoors and the garden is the ideal location. You may find certain areas in the garden are better suited for the location of the statue. For example, if you wish to illuminate the statue you could decide to position it near the home or garage to access the electrical supply. To keep the garden statue in good condition it will have to be cleaned as part of regular garden maintenance activities.

Garden statue maintenance

garden statue
Cleaning Garden Statue
I find it best to use regular soap, a scrubbing brush, and hot water plus plenty of elbow grease for cleaning a stone statue. You can wet the statue before starting and you may find a small wire brush to be very useful to remove stubborn stains. Vinegar is useful, sandpaper too, but be careful as your statue material may require specialized cleaning (bronze statues for instance may need an application of wax) The best way to finish is for the statue to be rinsed fully with clean water and then left to dry naturally.

Garden stone statues

Stone garden statues are the best and the weather well. More expensive bronze and marble pieces will resist the elements equally well but are usually kept indoors due to their value. Statues can be made (cast) from cement or a mixture of sand and cement but they are no substitute for stone and will have limited durability compared to some other materials. Large garden pots or hanging baskets may also be made from concrete to complement stone statues.

Garden animal statues

Garden decorations featuring animal statues are popular and apart from the traditional lions, many other animal statues are available e.g. Dogs, Cats, Hedgehogs, Frogs, and Rabbits. Animal statues are suitably decorative when you only have a small exterior space available. It is important to plan out your garden for the best statue locations. Many factors other than the terrain will have to be considered before placing your statue in position.

Saints for the garden

The most common statue featuring a saint is St. Fiacre because he is the Patron Saint of gardeners and he had a love of nature and all things growing. He is usually represented holding a plant and a spade. The Archangel St Michael, St. Francis, St. Anthony, and St. Joseph are all popular too. Continuing the religious theme are the Virgin Mary statues and the Jesus statues plus the numerous Angel statues.

Fountains incorporating statues

fountain garden statue
Some statues will have the facility to handle water movement and may appear to be providing a continuous water supply. If you like the sound of running water then this is the type of statue for you. A simple water pump is used to draw water up through the statue from a small reservoir (usually at the foot of the statue). The water completes its circular journey by being released from the statue at an appropriate point, via a jug, water pitcher, or even the tip of an umbrella. Water pourer cherub, Holy water font, Water nymphs, Cupid, and dragons are water-featured statues that are available from most suppliers.

Fantasy statue garden

The Unicorn is not out of place and is just as at home as the familiar Gnomes seen in so many gardens. Other mythical representations are of the Mermaid, Gargoyle, and all manner of Wizards and Witches. Fighting and action statues like Warriors, Samurai, Knights, and Gladiators are attractive and are great conversation pieces when someone visits your garden. The addition of some creative lighting using garden lights will illuminate the featured area of your garden, as darkness falls, and will enhance all your garden d├ęcor efforts. Properly installed garden lighting ensures safety on your property.

Unusual garden statues

Some statues are built to commemorate historical events and are displayed in public buildings. Others may be viewed indoors in public areas such as libraries and museums. The most famous statue in the world is the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, USA, but others worth mentioning are the Colossus of Rhodes and the Statue, of Zeus at Olympia. Your garden statues can even be miniature replicas of these masterpieces.

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