February 1, 2023

Small Gardens for Small Homes

small garden

Vertical Garden

vertical garden
There are many different vertical garden methods, but all of them are hanging on a wall which makes it easy for anyone owning an apartment to have a garden. Some vertical gardens are for herbal use in your home. However, they are becoming increasingly popular in cities to add greenery to hotels, businesses, apartments, etc. Living walls are entering urban cities to provide oxygen, appear as green walls, are productive, and do not take as much water as a regular garden.

A few schools are even giving classes an opportunity to have a green wall to understand what it means to grow your own food and how much food can be grown to supply others with a healthy meal. They do not take up much space which makes them easy to have in your home.

Here are a few plants that are on green walls, usually just for a nice sight:

  • Philodendron scandens “Green”
  • Epipremnum aureum “Marble Queen”
  • Nephrolepsis exaltata “Fluffy Ruffle Fern”
  • Adiantum pubescens “Maiden Hair Fern”
  • Asplenium nidus “Bird’s Nest Fern”
  • Nephrolepsis cordifolia “Lemon Button Fern”
  • Syngonium podophyllum “Various”
  • Hedera helix “Various”

The Bench or Table

bench garden
Need a quiet place to sit and read? Or just to spend some time with your best friend over drinks? Try having a bench on your patio. You can create your own by using a box or two with a plank on top.
Under the bench, you can have a few plants that require little sunlight. Or just have easy-to-grow plants for a shade garden. For example, Hosta is a rich green plant that provides a lovely addition to your boring patio. Most benches have a plain brown gap of ground under them, just begging to be filled with lovely leaves, aromatic flowers, and nurturing care. Even though the plants are hidden under a bench, it creates a sense of homely charm.
Another method would be to use a tabletop. A small or medium size table could easily be transformed into a lovely miniature garden. Perfect for herbs, the table garden is always in view and provides just the right amount of greenery to a small apartment patio. The tabletop could even be a peaceful garden. Add some rocks, and a few oriental plants, and enjoy your peaceful garden! They are especially adorable and calming.

How to Make Your Hanging Garden

hanging garden
Hanging gardens are perfect to bring greenery into your home or studio. They provide enough green to feel close to nature. They are relatively easy to make and a great home project. You can even play around with the design and add more than one pot to the hanging decor.

  1. Get a metal or wooden ring, scissors, and some cotton or nylon rope. For heavier pots, use polyprop rope.
  2. Cut four equal lengths of rope.
  3. Thread the four pieces of rope and tie a simple knot. Now eight pieces of rope are hanging down from the ring.
  4. Hang the ring on a coat hanger and put the hanger in your closet. This way the strings are hanging down so you can easily see the effects of your work. Measure down the rope about 20 cm and tie two adjacent pieces of rope together. Do this four times.
  5. Measure the rope down another 10 cm. Tie one half to another adjacent half of the knots. There should be now eight knots in total.
  6. Gather all pieces of rope together 7 cm down. Tie them all with a big knot. Trim the rope ends with scissors. If using polyprop rope, use a flame to seal the end.
  7. Slip your pot into the holder.

Ideas for Petite Indoor Gardens

  1. Succulents planted in vintage beakers make for a cohesive arrangement with a fun pop of color.
  2. Tiny plants in ink jars make for a quirky little indoor container garden of sorts and fit easily on a shelf.
  3. A vertical terrarium garden is composed of a series of magnetic spice jars, affix to the refrigerator or any other surface you please.
  4. A glass teapot transforms into a unique moss terrarium that would feel right at home in the kitchen.
  5. A hanging drop terrarium serves as a living sculpture.

Easy-To-Grow Plants for Your Yard

Not all of these plants are for small homes. But all of them are easy to grow. While some are shade plants, all are wonderful to have in a small yard. Here are some of them:

  • Bigroot Geranium – A tough plant that can handle a lack of attention. Pink or white flowers arrive in the spring.
  • Toad Lilly – Unique white flowers in the fall
  • Old-Fashioned Bleeding Heart – White and pink flowers in the late spring and early summer cover this plant providing a beautiful ambiance for your garden.
  • Lungwort – Lovely flowers and only reaches 1 foot tall.
  • Yellow Corydalis – Blooms the longest and provides a pretty sight.
  • Lamium – Pink or white flowers, usually remain around 8 inches tall. Keep the plant wet for great results.
  • Brunnera – Even when not in bloom, the leaves give a lovely view.
  • Hellebore – One of the earliest bloomers, grows 12 inches tall. It might seem delicate, but after the plant becomes accustomed, they are very sturdy.
  • Astille – Needs moist ground, beautiful flowers that bloom early can grow 4 feet tall.
  • Japanese Painted Fern – Usually grows 12 inches tall and has astounding silvery leaves.
  • Wild Ginger – Has fuzzy, heart-shaped leaves. Usually, 6 inches tall but grows slowly.
  • Japanese Forestgrass – Seems like a green waterfall. Leaves turn reddish in the fall and grow about 1 foot tall.
  • Lilyturf – Has flowers on a thin stem, and grows 1 foot tall. It’s a plant-and-forget type.
  • Monkshade – Grows 6 feet tall, lovely purple flowers, blooms late summer,
  • Fern-Leaf Bleeding Heart – Grows 2 feet tall, blooms on and off from spring to fall if has enough moisture.

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